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Who Is Chirag Artani?

C hirag artani is an independent web security researcher aka pen tester, search engine optimization analyst and internet marketer. He is from Khandwa Madhya Pradesh, and yet he had hacked databases of over 700 websites the famous Proof Of Concept was Republic Media Network & Au Optronics. Also currently he is working on SEOCMS which is automated SEO blogging content management system & SEO tool.

Where you can find my name?

Reported Open Redirect / Reported HTML/CSS injection /Reported Information Disclosure/ reported Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.

Multiple vulnerabilities reported - Data manipulation

I takeover 26 subdomains & reported 1 to avoid any further issue. Critical Vulnerability. Name listed.

I found a wso based critical vulnerability in one of their server, For that they assigned me a certificate as well.

Stored XSS in community forum- Critical

Confirmed name will is listed in 2022 first list. It was remote code execution in their web app services. *.microsoft.com

UNited Nations

Confirmed, Once they fix. Name will be listed.

chirag artani lenovo VDP certificate

C VE-2022-24620 is assigned Check Here & Proof Of Concept. Tweet!

Detail: Piwigo (Open-Source) version 12.2.0 & before is vulnerable for stored cross-site scripting (XSS), which can lead to privilege escalation. In this way, admin can steal webmaster’s cookies to get the webmaster’s access.

Here are few emails.

accenture hacked by chirag artani
Microsoft hacked by chirag artani
United Nations hacked by chirag artani
chirag artani microsoft bug bounty

About Me

My name is Chirag Artani. it prefers to light (brightness in life). Have you ever read the website name – 3rag.com. Here 3 contains: “CHI” & other is “RAG” that’s why 3rag (Chirag). I’m from Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh – The City Of Saint Dhuniwale Dadaji and Kishore Kumar. I have very much interest in technology & internet and I help people to increase their interest in Internet marketing. Here is what I do ?

Here is What I Do

Everybody asking me, “What Do You Do” so I thought to share about me what work or things I do and know about, Here are deep details about me & my work.


Fixing mean improvement in current running system Like website design, cloud server, Also I do fix SEO (search engine optimization) related problems for companies websites. They are paid task.


Saas meaning software as a service and dev for developer. So yep also I develop tools for websites for an example CMS (content management system) - SEOCMS

Business Support

Main thing I do is consultancy. I'm an SEO consultant which help companies to predict their further online business and leading them perfectly to reach them for their goals.

Strategy Advisory

I build SEO (search engine optimization) strategy for local and international businesses using powerful On page and OFF page optimization techniques.

SMM Services

I have so many, SMM services contacts which does provide social media traffic or say impression at the lowest possible cost.

Media Buying

I know media buying and campaign optimization after so many failures and investments I have learned that perfectly so yep also have great experience with it.


Talk to me

You may experience some delay with my response but don’t worry, I will aware to talk with you personally.