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SEo is not hard everybody can easily rank keywords on google it takes time not money here you just have to do some efforts on your web pages like: on page optimization it includes so many things – Alt tag, headlines (h1,h2,h3), proper keyword like here we are trying to rank keyword – (best seo company in pune). We are not sure sure about ranking because ranking are possible not predicted if any company offer SEO services which includes guarantee so boycott it now, because no one company give you guarantee because it’s depend on niche, site structure and so many more things however here we are offering SEO services in pune you can contact us here. If you need free consultancy and review for your project you can contact us as well. 

Why We Are Best SEO Company In Pune

Why we are best seo company in pune

Free optimization

There is not any seo company in pune which offering free optimization services our company get you free optimization and analysis for your future project you can contact us any time without any hesitate. that’s why we are best seo company in pune

Extra ranking

We cannot charge for extra rankings suppose if you are hiring us for your project which is related to shoes and you get us A keyword – “shoes in pune” so you may rank for more keywords like – where to buy shoes in pune and more so we don’t charge for this.

Extra optimization

Our seo services in this mentioned cities – Pune, Indore, Delhi and soon we are launching our services at Mumbai, Bhopal, Banglore however, everywhere we are giving away free SEO optimization and consultancy that’s why we are best seo company in Pune

we are best seo company in pune

What We Do In Our SEO Services

Here you can optimize every single thing in your website internal link, external link, Backlinks – do follow and no follow – web 2.0, social profiles, Do-follow high authority guest posts and web 2.0, article submission than we came on on page seo – meta description improvement, website content, website speed, pages speed, headlines fixing, website scanning, website crawling and overall deep analysis.


A correct keyword help you to grow faster and easier so select always long tail simple keyword for ranking, here we can accurate selection of keyword for your brand/company also we can fix your website design for better user experience. 

Our SEO Practices And Checklist

On page SEO

  • Website Crawling
  • Content Improvement
  • Website Speed Improvement
  • Meta Data Fixing
  • Headings Fixing
  • Site Stats Analysis

Off page SEO

  • Do Follow - DA 50+ (50 Links)
  • Web 2.0 (20 Links)
  • Social profiles + Bookmarking
  • Article submission
  • Links submission
  • Links Indexing

SEO Tips For Local SEO

There are many companies who taking high amount for small project even they doing that in a work here I’m sharing few local seo tips which you can use in your small business to get rank easily – first create a google my business account here you just need to login your gmail account don’t worry that’s secure and based on google. Than you have to fill your business details – you can see there a business name option put there your keyword with your business name like these : SEO agency in pune – 3rag media you can get rank top on the google for seo agency in pune – you can do it yourself without hiring any seo company in pune but if you need any other listing with branding you can hire us here now.

How to index and rank faster

These those mentioned methods we are following since 2 years and working pretty well for us.

Keep consistency

update your content daily and also post new content daily on your website, if google see worth of your website you can be rank well.

Use Google webmaster

Google has free SEO tool known as google search console (GSC) it can help you to boost your ranking and shown you overall data.

optimize speed

If you are using WordPress CMS (content management system) than use lite speed cache plugin and data base optimization plugin.

Hire us now here

If you are thinking to contact the best seo company in pune than yes this is the best source to get in touch with them – get free optimization now just tell us about your work, niche, and business. We will research keyword for your brand, let’s talk now!

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