Khandwa Marketing: Open Your Online Store SEO, Advertising

Khandwa Marketing: We’re offering search engine optimization (SEO Services) in Khandwa MP if you want to start official big online business and you are the owner of a company or factory so let us now.

What We Do ?

For creating a online store you need a website. which we will create for you with the payment integration and shipping details system, also you may add the tax details as you need.

Note: This mentioned services is only for the factory or wholesale (agency) business owners. Currently not accepting sole proprietors.

Have a look website: Online Store Demo

you can see inside the demo, payment button images and every single thing.

We will build the website as you want Like: Flipkart, amazon or any other depend on your business and agency.

Plan for your future

Only big deals can be accept.

  • Website Building: Online Store
  • Lead generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Advertising

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Our Other services

I know professionally almost thing, I started building websites in year 2012 so according to 2012 now it’s 2019 I’ve 7 years of experience in this niche.

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Lead Generation

If you need leads in Khandwa like: emails list, phone number of Khandwa peoples and more data so we have the package for it too.

Search Engine Optimization

Yes, I’m learning google studies, SEO practices this is the hardest skills I’ve learned yet (will learn too). And I know how to do it for the local cities and areas.

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We can’t offer to advertise in banners or any vehicle speaker. we do like pro-social media advertising according to your budget and requirement. PPC, lead generation and more advertising is available. right now we have Facebook and social media advertising services for the Khandwa residency. want to increase your sells and need orders online for any product or services.

Note: If you need custom php, html, js website our startup plan is 50000 INR for the custom big websites. otherwise we do it for 3000-5000 INR. khandwa marketing!

Example custom website (php, js, html)


Lead Generation:

About Khandwa

You may also call it knw in short form however, khandwa is famous for shree dadaji dhuni wale and known as kishore kumar city.

khandwa tourist places

There is so many places to visit as a tourist inside the khandwa city: Nagchun, Dadaji temple. near khandwa there is so many amazing places to visit: Asir Garh fort (burhanpur road), OmKareshwar Jyotirling (Indore Road), Hanumantiya Tapu (Near thermal power), Indra sagar Dam, near omkareshwar some amazing places – Maheshwar, Mandleshwar, Mandu and more. khandwa is city of maharaja mandhata he is the reason of two shivalingam at omkareshwar 1st amleshwar (mamleshwar) 2nd omkareshwar. Mandhata (Hindi: मान्धाता), also called Shivapuri or Omkareshwar, is a riverine island in the Narmada river in Khandwa district, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Khandwa Marketing

What’s new in Khandwa, MP ?

Newest: Swiggy launched almost restaurants is available just to except Tikkad, ranjeet, madhuban. Fair deal – If you order for first times apply coupon: BIGIE50 (50% off). Mean if mean price is 300 INR then you have to pay 150 INR only.

Note: BIGIE50 is only for new user and if will work only 1 time.

Recently Zomato launched in Khandwa, so now you can buy any food in discount price 40% off as I saw zomato is connected with some 42 restaurants and hotels, Tikkad, ranjeet, madhuban is not listed yet!

You can use coupon for 40% OFF in Khandwa zomato: TASTY

You will reach out me using email: [email protected]

I’m the CEO of many official websites. Not sharing it public-ally but you can check one of them is Traffic Solder.

Also you can contact: Here

Thank you!