SEO Optimization: Generate Free Visitors From Google

Seo Optimization

In this guide, I’ll show you-

>How to do SEO in very easy and simple steps, But first you need to understand all things related to SEO.

When I started following all these tips, my traffic growth increased to 105% from past traffic.

analytics of traffic

What is SEO  (Search Engine Optimization)


This Process generating visitors through google for our targeted keyword in post/page/website,

it is free, but website visitors generating is hard through Google.

For SEO, Google need’s High Quality and Unique content with high quality backlinks.

How it Works?

seo optimization

It works with our targeted keyword

Suppose your name is Alex and I don’t know what’s your name? So, How will I call you- Hey buddy! Hey bro! Hey mate!

But if I call you-  Hey Alex, then this are very easy to identify you and calling you.

So keyword extract doing the same job like name.

Its telling to google about our targeted keyword and then google identify our post, this is the main thing of SEO optimization.

What is Keyword?

what is keyword

Keyword is a text word

which helping to identify our post, article, photo, website, page in Google Search Engine.

Every thing is a keyword

Some examples of Keyword are-

  • table
  • chair
  • book
  • sale
  • business

Types of Keyword

Long tail keyword-

long tail keyword example

  • Search : always
  • Traffic volume : limited (not for all)

Normal keyword-

normal keyword

  • Search : few days (Limited time)
  • Traffic volume : huge

Keyword Targeting

How to target keyword in post (for beginners)

use always wordpress to create website or blog.

and For SEO use always Yoast SEO Plugin

Open Your written Article

how to target keyword in post


keyword add in H1-H6 tags (atleast 3) because google fetching our post. so google will identify our post to targeted keyword.

Go to Below in Yoast SEO section

target keyword

Don't forget to add your keyword in meta description.

and add write your keyword in Focus Keyword


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SEO types

 White Hat SEO-

white hat seo

  • Relevant Content
  • Well-labeled Content
  • Relevant Links and References
  • Complete Sentence With Good Grammar
  • Standard-Complaint HTML
  • Unique and Relevant Page Title’s
  • No automated Backlink

 Black Hat SEO-

seo optimization

  • Duplicate Content
  • Copy Content
  • Invisible text and stuffed keywords
  • Cloaking or Redirecting the user to another site/page
  • Links from sites with non relevant content
  • Automated Backlinks

What Are The Common Mistakes of SEO?

seo mistakes

    • Choosing the Wrong Keywords
    • Using Keyword Stuffing
    • Creating Content That’s Not About Your Keywords
    • Publishing Non-Original Content
    • Skipping Title Tags & Meta Descriptions
    • Missing Quality Links
    • Going Astray with Your Internal Links
    • Not Investing in a Fast and Mobile-Friendly Experience
    • Not Using the Power of Influencers for Social Media Interactions
    • Forgetting About Analytics
    • Not using Yoast SEO
  • Not fetching post in Google/Yandex/Bing webmasters
  • Broken Links
  • No social media share icon

SEO optimization

 Importance in SEO

seo optimization

  • Choose Correct Keyword

keyword research ahrefs

Correct to mean, Choose always low competitor keyword with good search volume

  • Your title related to post

page title

Make sure your title is related to post, and you are sharing about that to peoples

  • Keyword in title

keyword in title

Make sure your keyword are available in post title

  • Keyword in permalink

keyword in permalink


Don’t forget to add keyword in post permalink

  • Alt tag in images

alt tag add

Add always “alt text” in all image and also target post keyword in “alt text”

  • H1, H2 and H3 tags

h1,h2,h3 tags

Add H1,H2,H3 tags in post also target your keyword

  • Add your post description

meta description

Don’t forget to add meta description in your post, also target your keyword in meta description

  • Use webmaster tools

webmaster tools

Fetch your post in webmaster tool, also see check all website error’s and fix all things!

  • Use google analytics

google analytics

Use google analytics tool to track your website user’s and everything

  • Create quality backlink’s

high quality backlink

Create high quality backlinks, “DA 50-100”

  • Add social share button’s

social share button

Don’t forget to add social share button, it is very helpful

What is Backlink?

SEO Optimization

When a webpage links to any other page, it’s called a backlink.

  • You can trend your page in google top to creating lot of backlinks for your post and website with high authority websites.

Example of backlink :

backlink example

  • Which is linked to other webpage, that is backlink.

Type of Backlinks

  • Do Follow Links

Example :

dofollow link example

  • No Follow Links

Example :

no follow link example

  • Anchor text

Example :

anchor text backlink example

  • Direct Links (no anchor text)

Example :

direct backlink

  • High Influence backlink

Example :

high influence backlink

  • Low Influence backlink

Example :

low influence backlink

  • Create always backlinks in high influence (DR: 50-100) rate websites.
  • High (DR) site backlinks will be improve your domain authority and google get you high ranking fast.

SEO useful Free Tools 

Seo Optimization

most useful seo tools

This all tools is top rated by peoples, it help you to optimize your website and SEO.

Its fully free and very easy in use.

1. Website Page speed insights -SEO Optimization


Page speed insight

2. Website Speed Tester – SEO Optimization

page speed test tool

Speed test

3. Keyword Research Tool – SEO Optimization

keyword research free tool

Keyword Research

4. Most using keyword Research Tool – SEO Optimization

google keyword planner seo

Keyword Research Tool

5. Website SEO Audit Tool – SEO Optimization

site audit tool - seo

Audit SEO

6. Backlink Ping Tool – SEO Optimization

backlinks index tool

Ping Backlinks

7. Backlink Checker Tool – SEO Optimization

backlinks checker tool

Check Website Backlinks

8. Keyword Suggestion Best new Tool (newly Launched)

Recently, This tool is launched by Neil Patel and I’ve tested, It gives pretty accurate keyword data, and it is free.

ubersuggest neil patel

Ubersuggest Tool

How to Create Post

Before creating or writing any post, do Keyword research for your article.

Then select a keyword with good search volume.

Share everything with user about any topic, make your good experience in user mind and share them every single thing, which is related to your sharing topic.

how to create post for seo

SEO Optimization

But, first I’ll tell you one thing use always WordPress for creating site.

Open Your WordPress Site

Go to New Post

seo guide

Write Post Title


Make sure your post “title” are related to post and also your keyword are available in “title” and keyword are available in Post “Permalink“.

Now Write Headline of post with keyword

how to write post

Include your post keyword in H1-H6 tags (atleast 3)

Add Outbound and inbound (Internal & external) Links in Your post

outbound links

Internal and external link’s tell Google about your page sharing all information related to specific targeted keyword.

It helps to improve our low ranking. So, don’t forget to add internal and external links.

Add “Alt text” in image’s

how to add "alt text" in images

It will improve your post SEO in Google Image search.

Don’t forget to add “alt text” in image’s.

Also target your keyword in “alt text

Add Keyword in “Meta Description”

meta description

Make sure, your post is all about related to your targeted keyword and post length are enough.

How to Create Backlink?

SEO Optimization


Guys, I’m using “Ahrefs” tool to create backlinks, because that’s great and top rated tool for creating backlink.But that is expensive so, everybody not buying that.

Here I’m sharing, you can use Seoprofiler this is great tool and its getting account only in 1$ for first month you can also use this.

Create account in Seoprofiler buy monthly full access in 1$ 

  • Login your account, go to Link Profiler > Backlinks

how to create backlinks

  • Now paste your competitor URL in search field

how to create backlinks

It will get you all backlinks data, here is Link Filter option

  • Here is all backlinks with details

backlinks tutorial

  • Open any link where you want to create backlink for your website/post, open any one.

seo optimization

I did open first one.

  • Now go to below in post find comment box.

backlink study

Give your comment, fill details don’t forget to add your website because that’s backlink, submit comment. now you got one backlink,Create lot of backlinks to trend your site in google top.

Same method you should use to get competitor backlinks in ahrefs.

  • Open your account in ahrefs tool

ahrefs how to create backlinks

Paste your competitor website or website post link in search box in header, click enter!

  • Now you have every data for website and website post URL

how to beat competitor rank with backlinks

  • Here is data, click in backlinks to get all competitor backlink details, and you should start making your’s.

backlinks data

  • Go to inside links, find comment box, fill your details don’t forget to add your post link or website link where you want backlink.

SEO Optimization

Guest Post Search Strings

guest post backlink

Guest post help us to boost our website SEO to creating high quality backlink in free of cost.So my recommendation is try to create guest posts for your article,

Here search query for guest post.

Just go in google paste query, open  that website and create your-

  • “guest post”
  • “guest Article”
  • “submit post”
  • “submit an article”
  • “write for us”
  • “submit content”

Content Optimization Tips

content optimization

  • A grate content helping you to rank in top, it is the biggest factor of ranking our web page in google top.
  • Increase Your Brand Awareness and Improve CTR, it is part of Seo Optimization

CTR – Click through rate

ctr factors

Suppose someone visit in your post through Google and he couldn’t find useful material, means- What he was looking for! So he rollbacks and visit other websites. And he spent more time and taking action in other website, so that visitor telling to Google that your post is not helpful.

In this case also, Google track visitor spent time in a post, Google identify that to bounce rate.

  • Use Facebook ads

facebook ads

Share your post and website on Social media, because they help to increase your brand awareness.

Also use Facebook advertising for generating leads and traffic. Many big marketers and companies use Facebook ads to increase their brand awareness.

 Aim is Drive Traffic to Social Media For SEO Optimization

email marketing

That traffic are genuinely unique, because they know what kind of post you sharing to them.

So, this is also a good strategy for your website.

Strategy For SEO

  • Choose Best Keyword For website

Keyword Research Tutorial

How to Choose Best Keyword ?

keyword playing important role in your website and post.

always choose :

low Competitor Keyword

Also Medium Traffic Volume of Keyword atleast 1-10k Monthly traffic

Visit Here : Keyword planner Tool

Login Your account

Then Go to setting icon

keyword planner tutorial

Now Click In Keyword planner

seo guide

Now Write Your Keyword 

keyword research tool

select anyone Which are suitable for your business


You should find all keywords with volume, Competition, Bid

Hope You Like This Tutorial


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How to Optimize Website

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  • Run Facebook Advertising For Popular post

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Full Guide

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  • Webmaster tools tutorial

Please share this post. I hope you like this simply written SEO guide!

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